1. When did Gym One start doing business? Gym One was established in Jan. 2007.

  2. Where is the gym located? We are across the street (Burnet Rd.) from The Domain.

  3. Do we require long term contract memberships? No, we do not have any long term membership contract term requirements.

  4. What type of gym is Gym One? We are a lifters gym. Our members enjoy lifting weights. We have everyone from general fitness to competitive athletes.

  5. Do we have showers? Yes, we have full locker rooms with showers, day lockers, and dressing area.

  6. Do we have Personal Trainers? Yes, we have group of independent trainers to help you achieve your goals.

  7. Do we have an in-house massage therapist? Yes, Kinetix Body Science owner Tammy Marquez is available by appointment.

  8. Do we offer the NeuFit Technology? Yes, Rene Garganta is available for training sessions using the Neubie machine to increase neuromuscular facilitation and increase training intensity.

  9. Do we have Competition Kilo Plates? Yes, we have two full sets of Competition Plates.

  10. Do we offer special pricing? No, we do not. Everyone pays to same amount.

  11. Do we have any annual fees? No, there are NO additional annual fees to pay.

  12. How does someone cancel their membership? To cancel fill out or Cancellation Form available at the front desk or online. Or you can mail a certified letter to the gym at 2545 Brockton Dr. #300 Austin TX 78758.

  13. Do we REQUIRE members to RE-RACK their weights? YES, if not that member will be asked to find another gym.

2545 BROCKTON DR. #300
AUSTIN, TX 78758
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